Membership Criteria

The GALLOS Alliance membership experience is designed exclusively for individuals holding the most senior security or risk leadership role within their organisation. We meticulously vet applicants to ensure that our community comprises true peers who can provide valuable support, insights, debate, and challenge to fellow members.

The GALLOS Alliance is run by the Membership for the Membership. As such, we look to attract individuals who are motivated to contribute and take part in members’ discussions and play an active role in building and shaping a dynamic, engaging community of peers.

Our criteria for membership encompass the following:

  • Leadership Titles: We typically welcome applicants with titles such as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Chief Risk Officer (CRO), Chief Security Officer (CSO), Vice President (VP) of Security or Risk, or cyber-focused CTOs. Equivalent titles within your organisation, industry, or geographical region will also be considered.

  • Company Size: We prioritise leaders from organisations with significant scale, including those in the FTSE100, large public or private companies with over 5000 employees, or select sector-leading SMEs with over 250 employees.

  • Reporting Structure: We consider your position within the organisational hierarchy, with members typically one or two reporting levels from the CEO.

  • Team Size: Applicants should have experience managing teams of significant sizes, with a minimum requirement of 10 full-time employees, reporting into you, either as direct reports or rolling up to your direct reports, though this requirement may adjust based on company size and growth stage.

  • Professional Journey: We consider your professional trajectory, evaluating the progression of your career through various roles and titles, evolving remits, and increasing leadership responsibilities over time.

If you have any enquiries regarding your application or wish to provide further context about your professional experience, please feel free to contact us at

Applications are reviewed monthly by the GALLOS Alliance Members’ Board.

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