Nurturing Security Innovation


We are a co-builder, not a traditional venture capital firm

GALLOS is a company that co-builds, as well as invests in security technology companies. Our patient capital helps cultivate your ideas and gives you the space to grow.

We have unparalleled access to extensive commercial and governmental networks which help us optimise our investments and generate outsized returns.

A world-class team of security, investment and commercial experts looking to collaborate with security technology innovators

AI and big data aggregation are rendering traditional defence capabilities obsolete. The world now faces systemic security vulnerabilities. This is a highly complex, multi-faceted and dynamic battlefield where the front line is digital.

What makes GALLOS special?

Deep security experts

Experienced investors

Distinctive in the market

Strategically networked

Commercially networked

GALLOS thinks differently about technology because we think differently about security. We leverage our nation state-level security and technology insights to co-build world-class security technology companies.
Sir Anthony Finkelstein - Former UK Chief Scientific Adviser for National Security and now GALLOS team member

Building a safer, more prosperous world